Bllox Stacking Race is a game based on staking 5 coloured blocks to match the design on a card taken from the Stacky Pack deck.  Be the first, slap the card, collect 3 and win!

The BLLOX game is all quality, and the blocks are are just gorgeous.  The game can be played by up to 4 players and develops visual perception skills, processing speed, fine motor, handy coordination, and spatial visualisation.


The object of the game is to build your stack faster than the other players.  The game can be modified by adding the Wacky Pack cards which add more challenges, interaction with others and a load of laughter.  You can select from the Wacky Pack SOLO or TEAM cards – whatever instruction is on the card is what each player has to do while you making their stack of blocks.


some examples include;

-with one eye closed

-spin between every block placed

-memorise the stocky pack card for 5 seconds before it is turned over and make the stack based on your memory.


some examples include;

-stack using one thumb of each partner

-one partner closes their eyes as the other talks them through the stacking

-partners take turns putting on each block.

Whilst this game is recommended for 2 – 4 players, if using the TEAM cards, it can easily suit 8 players.  If you have more players, you could also break into 4 teams (with multiple players) and take turns making the stack.

The game can be modified by changing the rules – perhaps to find how many Stack Pack cards you can win in a fixed amount of time eg 5 or 10 minutes.  We will be using it at the end of a tutoring session at starfish – because the kids will love it and it can be played in just a few minutes.

What we love about BLLOX

  • develops lots of different skills – especially visual-spatial, planning and fine motor
  • if played in teams (using the TEAM cards) it promotes interaction and working collaboratively
  • it is a game that can be easily adjusted to suit different ages and stages, differing numbers of players and length of time available
  • easy and quick to learn
  • a quick game, ideal for small groups and one to one therapy or tutoring sessions

Recommended for 6yrs+ and 2-4 players (though you can play in teams and therefore have more players).