Dungeon Lords is a game for 2 to 4 players. You dig tunnels, mine gold, hire monsters, set traps, and run a proper dungeon. Competition for resources is tight, and sometimes you have to be just a little bit Evil to get what you want. Evil Dungeon Lords attract stronger adventurers. Twice during each game, these adventurers set out to conquer your dungeon. But your monsters and traps can stop them, if you are clever enough.

Score points for how well you construct and defend your dungeon. Compete for prestigious titles. This edition also includes the Festival Season expansion, with more monsters, rooms, and traps for your dungeon, new spells, new paladins, and bards. Special actions enhance the variety of the original game. You also have the chance to acquire pets! And if you still don't have everything you need at the end of the year, you can pick up something extra at the Festival!


Players 2-4
Age 13+
Playtime 90mins

Game components


Components from the base game

Central Board

Progress Board (with a Building side and a Combat side)

Distant Lands Board

4 two-sided Dungeon Boards (in 4 colors)

32 Orders Cards (8 in each color)

8 Overview Cards (2 in each color)

18 Combat Cards

27 Trap Cards

9 Special Event Cards

24 Monster (or Ghost) Tiles

16 Room Tiles

32 Adventurer Tiles

2 Paladin Tiles

3 Event Tiles

42 Tunnel Tiles

4 Troll Tokens

20 Item Tiles

12 Minion Figures (3 in each color)

4 Evil Counters (1 in each color)

Minion Sticker Sheet

Starting Player Token

Progress Markera

bout 40 Imp Figures

about 30 Food Tokens

about 40 Damage Counters



Components from the Festival Season extension

Progress Board Extension (with a Building side and a Combat side)

Far Distant Lands Board

4 Dungeon Board Extensions

6 Combat Cards

18 Trap Cards

9 Special Event Cards

20 Pet Cards

6 Monster Tiles

4 Room Tiles

8 Adventurer Tiles

4 Paladin Tiles

4 Event Tiles

4 Item Tiles

3 Monster (and Ghost)Expertise Tiles

5 Improved Tunnel Tiles

8 unique opportunity boards



Components Exclusive to this Anniversary Edition

30 metal Gold Tokens

4 Troll Figures

15 Lute Tokens

4 Adventuring Party Markers

10 Pet Cards

15 Dungeon Setup Cards

4 scoring cards

4 plastic containers

plastic insert

anniversary sticker sheet

rulebook with comics inside

Dungeon Lords Happy Anniversary

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