Grey Flexo Beginners Pack - Flexible Brick Play 

Bounce, twist, bend, wrap or wear! Flexo uses a unique rigid brick and flexible tendon that allows you to truly flex your imagination! 

Flexo is a simple system consisting of construction bricks and flexible tendons. 

It is great fun by itself, but is even more amazing when combined with your own brick collection. Together they create endless opportunities and amazing functionality.

Flexo is 100% compatible with traditional and current brick brands and will be the ultimate expansion pack to your brick collection.

What can I do with Flexo?

Whatever you want! The combinations of Flexo tendons, Flexo bricks, your brick collection and your imagination can create wonderful things. Vehicle suspension, catapults, swing bridges, reinforcement and strengthening plus so, so much more. 

How does Flexo work?

Its really simple. The ends of the Flexo tendon fit snuggly into the openings in the Flexo brick. We love to use our finger to push the Flexo tendon in, but you can use pretty much anything; a ballpoint pen, another brick, a screwdriver, we have even included a purpose built stainless steel Flexo tool as an added option, just whatever suits you really.

The snug fit holds the Flexo tendons in place nicely, but when you really want to get rough and use the tendons to their max we recommend you lock the tendon in by placing any other brick (Flexo or not) on top of the Flexo brick. With the Flexo tendon now locked in place you can pull, tug, twist and yank to your hearts content.

What's included

  • 50 Flexo bricks (2x2)
  • 50 Flexo bricks (2x4)
  • 76 Flexo Tendons (size1)
  • 76 Flexo Tendons (size2)
  • 76 Flexo Tendons (size3)
  • 76 Flexo Tendons (size4)
  • Stainless Steel Tool
  • Instruction sheet

Flexo - Beginner's Pack - Grey