Heart of Crown: Fairy Garden is a standalone expansion for Heart of Crown that brings the mysterious Fae into the game as never before. It is playable alone or in combination with other Heart of Crown sets.


Heart of Crown is a deck building card game. Each player starts with a deck that gives you the resources to acquire more land and followers to make your deck stronger. When your deck is strong enough, it's time to back a princess! Once you back a princess, she'll come to your aid with her unique ability. Then the race for the crown begins!


With Fairy Garden, a new chapter unfolds in the struggle for the throne, as the summer solstice brings the return of the Fae. The Late Emperor Hellard warned against having dealings with the Fae. In these tense times, those who would seek the throne can scarcely pass up any edge that could bring them victory. The common fairies show themselves as they haven't in a generation, and the Fairy Queen herself might just pay a visit. Call on their aid if you wish, but remember that the Fae are creatures of whimsy, who have their own ways and wants.


Players: 2-4

Age: 13+

Time: 30-60 minutes

Heart of Crown - Fairy Garden