Darkseid descends from Apokolips and the world needs its heroes! As a member of the JLA you are here to protect Earth from evil. But an attack on the Watchtower from the world's most loathsome villains has left you cut off from the rest of the team. The danger is clear the Lord of Apokolips is calling for the destruction of the JLA. Rushing out in search of the villains, do you have what it takes to stop Darkseid's evil plot? Using the information that was available before the attack on the Watchtower, you learn that the villains have strongholds in four cities: Metropolis, Gotham City, Central City, and Coast City. Determined, you set out to confront the likes of Lex Luthor,The Joker, Sinestro, Deathstroke and more. Earth will fall if you fail. You are the only one who can save the world from Darkseid's evil plan, so get in costume and show them why you are part of the JLA!


An Epic Game of Fun and Strategy! Travel through the game board collecting information on Darkseid's master plan. Carry out board actions, collect Hit Tokens, and acquire Toll Passes while you dish out hard justice in Henchmen Battles. Gain access to the criminal underworld that lead to Enemy Strongholds in your search of Earth's most loathsome villains. Return the villains to your Base Camp for information to help you foil Darkseid's sinister plot. The first person to complete their Score Card by acquiring 4 unique Villain Tokens and return them to their Base Camp is the winner.



* 1 Game Board (as shown)

* 1 Rule Book

* 4 Unique Character Pieces

* 4 Unique Score Cards

* 16 Villain Tokens

* 45 Toll Passes

* 128 Hit Tokens

* 1 Fabric Pouch

* 50 Action Cards

* 50 x 50/50 Cards

* 6 Dice

Justice League Road Trip