Perudo is a dice game. The object of perudo is to be the last player with a die or more. Perudo is a version of liar dice which is part-luck and part-skill. This exciting game of guesswork, bluff and luck can be played anywhere by anybody, through consummate liars do have an advantage. The combination of deception, skill and laughter make it the perfect after dinner game. There is no board, no setting up and no complicated rules which makes it an ideal travel game. Each player starts by having five dice and a cup, which is used for shaking the dice and concealing your dice from your opponent. This game can be played by two or more players and consist of each player predicting how many dice of certain numbers (one, sixes etc.) is hidden under the cup. The player who loses a round loses one of their dice. The winner is the player who retains a die at the end. Perudo is played in rounds. Each player receives a cup and five dice. Each round begins by all players rolling their dice around in the cup. After shaking the dice, players turn the cups over on a table top, so that the dice are rolled and under the cups. Each player may peek in his own cup. Players bid, guessing at the number of rolls. When a player believes that another player has over-estimated, they say Dudo, which means I doubt in Spanish.


-6 x Cups

-1 x Lid

-1 x Cloth pouch

-30 x Dice

-1 x Rules

-Dice game

-For 2-6 players

-Recommended for ages 8 and up

-A fun game to play with family and friends

Perudo (tinned)