Gamewright · 15 minutes

A Roll of the Dice Can you feel your heart racing? A simple roll of the dice can end in a glorious victory or a stunning defeat. Will those little pips land on 6 or will they topple over to a 1, dashing your hopes? Each tumble and twist they make is like a rollercoaster of emotions! Of course, multiply that feeling by 6 and you have what playing a game of Qwixx feels like! Fun Details Qwixx is a game by Gamewright, which takes the simple action of rolling dice into a skill and luck based game. It comes with 2 white dice, 1 green die, 1 red die, 1 yellow die, and 1 blue die. It also comes with a score pad and a rules book. It plays 2 players and takes around 15 minutes to play. Gameplay To play the game, each player will be taking turns rolling the dice. During each roll, each player has the opportunity to check of die rolls on their score pad. Watch out though! You can only mark off certain numbers from a particular dice roll and if you fail to mark off any numbers, you could end up with strikes against you in your penalty box. That means you need to choose carefully

Qwixx Deluxe

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