The undead are terrifying foes, known for their tireless strength and single-minded purpose.
Enhance your armies with the Waiqar Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion, an expansion pack that offers four new figures to add to an infantry unit: a Standard-Bearer, a Champion, a Drummer, and a Necromancer.
With eighteen new upgrade cards to increase your army’s power, you’ll find plenty of ways to add these figures to your units.
Every Waiqar army can benefit from the new command figures in this expansion.

• A new expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game
• Includes four unique infantry figures, unassembled and ready for painting
• Implant these figures into other infantry units to confer powerful abilities
• Join the fight for Waiqar the Undying with these special figures
• Eighteen new upgrade cards offer additional ways to customize your army

Runewars Miniatures Game: Waiqar Command Expansion Pack

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