The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance is a cooperative storytelling card game that lets you and your friends build your own stories in the world of The Adventure Zone, pitting your party of adventurers against the challenges of a deadly dungeon. It’s accessible and easy to learn, even with zero previous experience with fantasy roleplaying games or The Adventure Zone. No need for a DM: all you need is an hour or so, a few friends, and a little creativity. 2-5 players, 60-90 Minutes, 13+ up Clint's Promo TAZ: Bureau of Balance uses a modular system to dynamically generate missions. One night you may find yourself fighting sarcastic specters as you make your way through haunted caverns, while your next mission might pit you against cunning gerblins on a train racing towards a perilous destination. With 12 decks of double-sided cards as a foundation, TAZ: Bureau of Balance provides players with over 120 hours of unique challenges. LIMITED EDITION: For the discerning reclaimer, there is the limited edition version of The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance that comes with upgraded components in a box so beautiful your other games will be...jelly. The game comes complete with all of the same components as the standard game, with a few upgrades. The sturdy box construction has a wrap around voidfish design by Hari Conner, embellished with iridescent spot foil accents capable of consuming all knowledge and maintaining secrets. As a player, you're going to trade in the treasure from your hard-won challenges to go shopping at Fantasy Kostco. Why not do that in style with a 3D Fantasy Kostco card holder? Thankfully, you'll get one in this deluxe set. Other Upgraded loot: The deluxe set comes with 4 additional custom TAZ20 dice and 5 metal player assist coins

The Adventure Zone Bureau of Balance-Limited Edition